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Here's a short sample of some of the classics you can expect to hear live at the Queen's Park Savannah on Saturday 29th June.

Excerpts from the Gilded Collection Vol 1 1986-1989 and the Gilded Collection Vol 2 1990-1993.



Whet your appetite for more Rudder by reliving some of David's more memorable performances.





Some people go back through the mists of time to find the legends, but more often than we care to acknowledge it or indeed recognise it, the legend is now.

One of the few calypso singers to write his own songs, David Rudder helped to usher in a new era for calypso music. His many hits include "Bahia Girl," "Bacchanal Lady," "Panama," "Engine Room," "Rally 'Round the West Indies," "Knock Them Down," and "The Ballad of Hulsie X."

The title track of his 1988 album Calypso Music remains one of the best selling songs in calypso history.

Rudder's 1990 album, 1990, was named "best calypso album of the year" at the first Caribbean Music Awards at the Apollo Theater in New York while the title track was named "song of the year" at T&T's Nefeita Awards.

Rudder captured every title in the 1986 calypso season, an unprecedented feat in calypso history - Young King, the National Calypso Monarch title, Road March King, winning Panorama tune. To date, Rudder’s phenomenal record still stands.

According to New York's Village Voice, Rudder is the first of a new generation of calypsonians and he's opening up a whole new way to write, sing, feel and see the thing. His music transcends culture, race, and class. You don't have to be from Trinidad to feel the power and integrity of it.

Almost overnight he became a national hero on the order of Marley in Jamaica, Fela in Nigeria and Springsteen in New Jersey, wrote Daisann McClane, American journalist and World Beat correspondent for Rolling Stone Magazine.

Rudder’s unprecedented rise to fame in 1986 has made him the subject of music critics around the world. From New York to London to Tokyo, where the Japanese have released a CD of Rudder’s greatest hits complete with lyrics translated into Japanese, Rudder has been described as modern calypso’s most innovative songwriter.

One of nine children, Rudder hails from Belmont, Trinidad. Much of his early life was spent with his grandmother, a devout Baptist. The chanting of Shango Baptists remains the foundation of his music.

Recruited as a substitute for Christopher "Tambu" Herbert, lead singer of the popular Charlie's Roots, in 1977, Rudder impressed the group so much that he was invited to remain as a co-lead singer following Herberts recuperation. The rest, as they say, is history.

Some people go back through the mists of time to find the legends, but more often than we care to acknowledge it or indeed recognise it, the legend is now, wrote Deborah John of the Trinidad Express.




What wishes do you have for King David on his 60th Birthday celebration?